Monday, January 23, 2017

SLAYing @ SLAY Festival 2017

SLAY Festival 2017 was DOPE!👍 Even though they started quite late and some vendors were not set by the time guests started coming in, it went very well. With Nigerians, especially women, doing great things and selling great stuff (mostly Proudly Naija products and services), I have to sincerely say I was INSPIRED!!!💫 By God's grace I will be a vendor in their next festival 🙏

So what was SLAY Festival all about? SLAY Festival which was hosted by She Leads Africa, is a one day event that celebrates innovation, entrepreneurship, style and women (and men) who are slaying in their careers and businesses. You see why I am inspired? 😉

At the festival the following activities happened (Culled and edited from She Leads Africa) 

  •  Innovators who were keeping it real on how they found success and how others can too.  Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology spoke about the opportunities of building a career or business in the tech industry.  Arese Ugwu and Toke Makinwa spoke on building your brand to stand out. Kemi Adetiba and Mary Remy Njoku spoke on how to get paid in the media industry. Tara and Fela Durotoye spoke on building a winning partnership. And many other great speakers made the event one to remember. People left inspired!
  • Activities that were fun and actually helped our lives. Want to learn how to build your own virtual reality app? They had it. Want to connect with the most popular beauty bloggers? They were there. Want to try 7 different types of jollof rice just because? That was available. Thanks to Maggi Jollof Rice bar 😁 Sadly I didn't get to taste any of it 😢 The queue was too long and I had to leave 😩  Want to look glam and ready for selfies? House of Tara and Beauty Rev NG were available to do our make-up and manicure. Want to get a brand new natural hair style? Kinky Apothecary had a free natural styling bar. And so so much more....
  • A marketplace with the best products and most delicious foods from young entrepreneurs.
  • There were opportunities to connect directly with small business experts to learn how to maximize our businesses in 2017. Those who signed up at the SME corner were able to speak to a business consultant. They got direct advice for their business from lawyers, strategists, marketers and technologists. Some even signed up for special masterclasses.
  • Fresh artists and hot jams that had guests two stepping around the festival grounds all day long. DJ Butter gave some great hits. And Funbi (Who happens to be an Alumnus of my Alma mater, Covenant famzing 😀) and some other artistes thrilled the guest with their songs.
  • Goodies on goodies on goodies. I was gunning for the Motherland Mogul box which contained some incredible products from seasoned Nigerian entrepreneurs. But I wasn't lucky 😡
  • The most important one was a chance to bask in our greatness around other incredible people 😀 It felt good being surrounded by boss ladies and boss gentlemen, like me 😊
I would say SLAY Festival was a success, despite the early hitches. So I give them an 8.5/10 👏

Looking forward to attending their 2017 She Hive Lagos.

Enjoy some clips of the event 😏

2017 SLAY Festival was hosted at the historical Nigerian Railway Corporation

 Vendors at 2017 SLAY Festival

Vendors at 2017 SLAY Festival

With Nibi Lawson of Kinky Apothecary

 Got my 'hair-did' at Kinky Apothecary free natural styling bar 😀

 With #girlboss Dammie Alabi at her Pillow Talk section

SLAY Festival 2017 - With some powerful #bossladies 😊

Meet Nnennaya, the SLAYing Queen!👸