Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nnennaya's Bucket List 😊

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Who has watched the movie, 'The Bucket List' starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? It inspired me to write my own bucket list 😏 However, this post was inspired by my sister, Ifunanya's bucket list. So here are some of the things on my bucket list 😀

1.      Cruising with my family – ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE and other cruises
2.     One Year Family World Tour (World-schooling in all the 7 continents: Africa, North & South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica & Australia) – The Travel Family 😉
3.      Take Photography and textile design courses
4.     Start my own company ✌
5.      Make money blogging
6.    Build and improve on my Christian ministry – Children & Teenagers (Vocation Bible Study Program & Teenage Programs)
7.      Sing in a beautiful & professional choir *hallelujah*
8.      Learn how to play a music instrument – guitar, piano or violin
10.   Go on a hot-air balloon ride
11.    Go snorkeling aka scuba diving
12.   Write a book (or books) 😊
13.  Visit the North & South Poles (Artic & Antarctica and stay in an Igloo)
14.  Visit Australia (Aussie-land), my husband’s suppose ‘birth nation’...Lol!
15.  Sleep under the stars e.g. Visit MASAI MARA in Kenya, lounge in a tent like room and camp in the woods…safe woods, o! 😁
16.  Go on a sister-sister trip to Dubai with my lil’ sis, Ifunanya (and many other sister-sister trips to other countries, by God’s grace 😇)
17.  Go on a trip to France with my twinny, Queen-Anne
18.   Go on Caribbean cruise trip with my home girls, Chiwunma & Chioma
19.  Run a marathon or more (My Dream marathon – Disney Princess Half Marathon)
20.  Many DISNEY WORLD & DISNEY LAND trips with my family & friends
21.   SPACE CAMP Adventures with my family
22. FARM TOURISM trips (Live, eat and work in a farm) with my family
23.  Visit Seychelles again with our kids this time
24.  Meet and dine with Mrs. Michelle Obama 😊
25.  Take a trip to SEA ISLAND
26.  Visit the World Wonders: Great Wall of China; Great Pyramid, Egypt; Colosseum, Rome; Taj Mahal, India; Christ the Redeemer, Brazil; Chichen Itza, Mexico; Machu Picchu, Peru; Petra, Jordan; Big Ben, London; Statue of Liberty, USA, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia & many more)
27.  WIN A LOTTERY!!! A good one, o!!! 😀
28.  Visit all the tourist sites in ALL the 36 States in Nigeria
29.  Attend Olympics with my family (Hopefully JAPAN 2020 & many more)
30.  Be an Olympian Mom 😉
31.   My children would go to CLASS AFLOAT after high/secondary school
32.  My family would learn how to fly planes…The Pilot Family 👮
33.  My sons would go to ARSENAL CAMP…if they want to sha…lol! 😎
   34.  Attend HILLSONG Concerts
   36. Do voice overs for Animation movies. My dream, a Disney African Princess movie 👸
Would keep adding as more pop up 😀 So what are your bucket lists? 😏


  1. Ah.. I can join you people.. @17 Ok.. I can let you and Que go on your first trip and then the second time we can take the kids because my version of @20 is Disney land Paris. It's on my new Vision Board.

    No 26 is a must to visualize my History of Architecture lessons...

    I love love love this bucket list Nene.. It is full of life!!!!!! Woohoo

    I'm taking up the challenge cause gurl.. I was born a dreamer, I see why we connect. Lol.

  2. Because it is humanly possible darling, you can do so much more. I applaud you for putting it out there. You are an inspiration my darling, you have not seen anything yet. You are more than enough you are phenomenal. Keep shining